Note to Self: Beware of Memes

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By Billy Caldwell

So I see this meme that says, “The last two digits of your phone is what you need in 2020.”

Then there a bunch of words under each number for you to find out what you need.

So, of course, I check what mine is and it says, “Sleep and music”…. Fuck yeah that’s deep shit, I think to myself. I’m gonna be rocking and snoozing well in 2020.

Oh man, wonder what my wife’s is?

So, because I don’t remember her phone number, I ask her for the last two digits in her mystery number.

Ok, that was my first mistake. The stare of death for not remembering her digits was just as frightening as the death star pointing its destruction rays on you.

She responds with, “90”… and go cool. The stare continues.

So, I bring up my decoder meme and find out what she needs in 2020… and no shit it says, “Music and a Sugar daddy”.

Fuck me.

Then everything goes slow motion as she gives the knowing look of … “yep!”

We start laughing, it’s so funny, then I say, “You don’t want to leave me for a sugar daddy do you?”

No joke, she responds with “I’m too old for sugar daddy anyway”.

I’m not sure how to take that. So we just laugh and laugh and laugh, then I turn to the tv and let that tear drop to the floor.

Note to self : fuck memes and sugar daddies.

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