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Do you know anyone that died from COVID-19? Yes, Mother F’er I do!

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by BC Caldwell

I have seen these stupid ass posts a zillion times by all the conspiracy nuts on Facebook.

“It’s not real, its a 5G plot to shut down small business…etc”

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“There is no one that actually gets it, its all situation actors”

and of course…..

“Do you know anyone, I mean anyone that has the virus that you know personally?”

Well, mother fucker I do.

First, I know of 5 people that got this monster virus. One now is dead. He was a high school friend and my roommate when I first moved to Los Angeles.

His name was Nick “The Tooth” Gullo. He became a UFC personality with our high school alumni Dana White. He was OG in that circle and was a Jui-Jitsu champion, as well.

He was an author, a lawyer and the person that showed me how to really play guitar.

Bottom-line, the dude was no joke. An amazingly unique personality with charm for days. A husband and father that truly lived life. He was also one of the first vegans I ever knew. Till he got the virus, he was in tip-top shape, and this virus took him out without regard.

I am gutted. Shocked and stunned doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

But more than anything else, I am pissed off.

I still seeing shit loads of people walking around in groups, crowds at parks and farmers markets, and just a blatant disregard for how serious this thing really is.

We have a POTUS that just a month ago was still calling it a Democratic Hoax, and now he is trying to peddle an unproven drug that he holds a financial interest in.

This has become surreal. If this is all some simulation, it definitely has become compromised.

Let me off this ride.

I’m sure many of you are feeling the same as I do. Concerned and empathetic to the losses we are currently under, and the devastation the death count brings to so many families and friends across the world.

This virus doesn’t care if you are rich, poor, black, white, democratic, republican, young or old. It’s coming for all of us, we all need to listen to the experts and stay inside and help mitigate this virus so our front line workers have a fighting chance.

Be self-less, be compassionate, be safe.


Please stay the fuck at home.

RIP Nick “The Tooth” Gullo

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