Handmaids tale

Could Handmaid’s Tale become a reality in the USA?

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed. A truly heavy day in America. A standout legal mind that help pave the way for women’s rights and countless other laws that have made our country better. She will be severely missed, especially since we found out, our Presidents pick. Amy Connie Barret, a real-life member of a Christian sect, that the show Handmaids Tale, used as a reference. She may be our new SCOTUS.

Yeah, I feel what you are feeling right now. Could things go terribly wrong, I mean worse than it already is?

2016 shocked the world and 4 years later we might be in even more of an anxious state of mind. 3 years of lies and craziness topped off with the biggest pandemic since the Spanish flu. It has been non-stop for all of us, and now our POTUS has threatened not to leave the office and is hinting towards a Supreme Court decided election.

We are following this story, as it may be, the straw that breaks America’s back.

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