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Wowmino! Kids Put Down Those Video Games, Retro is in and it’s modern.

Wowmino Kinetic Domino Building Sets

After this, dominoes will never be the same: WOWMINO leads the domino revolution

Parents out there are you listening? Do you think kids should be using their minds towards creative, fun projects and games? At Dazzo Inc. that is exactly what they think the world needs in this modern world of virtual everything. Tangibility is a lost art. Creativity is tired of being in second place. Introducing Wowmino, a completely upgraded and new take on classic dominos.

Remember when you were younger and you would take dominoes and set them up and knock them down in a chain reaction. Take that concept and incorporate and an incredibly easy way to set them up. Toss in add-ons that allow you to build vertically towards the sky, and you have the completely creative domino building system called Wowmino.

Colourful, high-quality pieces make this product a must-have for kids of all ages. It’s a creative outlet similar to LEGO, it is a complete system that you can build on. There are sliders that use balls, brushed aluminium turning propellers and Wowmino stairs that make it possible to create endless possible outcomes. The best part is the ever so satisfying ability to knock them all over afterwards, in one large chain reaction that leaves the player with a feeling of complete bliss.

It’s scientific. Physics classrooms have used the kinetic energy concepts of dominoes to demonstrate many experiments over the years. The visual makes it easy for students to grasp the concepts the teachers present. The pieces of Wowmino have been precisely engineered to be easy to setup and work every time, making it a great choice for STEM students and fans to experiment with different builds and setups.

All said and done, Wowmino caught our attention and we love the project and can only hope for its success on Kickstarter.  They have already built quite an engaged community of domino artists of all levels. Steve Price, a finalist on America’s Got Talent, has gotten behind the project and has been posting some incredible builds using Wowmino. They even have created a news program covering all that is happening in the world of dominoes. You would be surprised if you search ‘domino artist’ on youtube, views in the millions of some of the most fantastic visuals available on the net.

If you want to get in early and support this project, head over to and give them some support. Give your children or yourself a more intelligent way to play,

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Project:

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