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“Warriors, come out to play-ay!” – The Warriors reunite for a last subway ride

the warriors

September 24, 21015 – by Billy Caldwell

The Warriors are back.

One night in 1979 my sister was stuck babysitting me and her boyfriend Tony was dying to see The Warriors at the local Drive-in (yes, I said drive-in), and so I was brought along , as long as I didn’t tell our parents. Since I’m always down for breaking rules, I agreed. The violence and teen angst coming from the screen widened my eyes to the underground subculture that I never knew existed.  I think when i started wearing a red vest and headband , my Mom knew something was up. Safe to say when my parents found out, everybody was in trouble. That cult classic was the first influence of alternative thinking for me.

Fast forward to 2015 and the cast from this infamous movie have reunited for one last ride on that same subway line in Coney Island. Rolling Stone was there to cover the event, and its great to see them all together again. Here are some videos from the event:

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