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This Alleged Alternate ‘Fantastic Four’ Teaser Features Some Flying

After months of rampant speculation regarding the fate of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, the first teaser trailer hit the internet in January and nearly broke it. The big visual reveals also confirmed what many had long suspected, that Trank and producer Simon Kinberg were inspired by the Ultimate Marvel universe. As a result, the new team would be a far cry from the 2005 and 2007 films.

One thing that was missing? The otherwise practical Human Torch’s ability to take flight. However, according to the supposedly alternate version of the teaser previewed in theaters, a brief effects shot before the title card features Johnny Storm in action. There’s also an added bonus, what appears to be the adopted Sue Storm, otherwise known as the Invisible Woman, flying beside her brother.

If legit, it wouldn’t be totally unprecedented in the Marvel Universe. According to Marvel, Sue “can also travel atop animated constructs such as ramps, stairs, slides, columns and stepping discs, enabling her to simulate a limited approximation of levitation or flight.”

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