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The ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit Just Revealed How Much Money Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, And T.I. Made

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit, here’s a quick refresher (or just skip to the next paragraph for the dollar amounts). Marvin Gaye’s family contends the song is too similar to “Got to Give It Up”, while Pharrell Williams and T.I. haven’t said much and human Ken doll Robin Thicke contends he was too high to be blamed and we should all point the finger at Pharrell and Beethoven instead. It turns out Thicke’s stiff doll arms can move well enough to throw Pharrell under the bus.

And now, the money. According to court proceedings unearthed by The Wrap, “Blurred Lines” has earned $16,675,690 so far, and that’s not including an additional $8 million in publishing revenue and nearly $12 million in Thicke’s tour earnings. Of the almost $16.7 million in main earnings, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams each received over $5 million, T.I. made over $700,000, and their record labels (Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, and Star Trak) split the nearly $6 million remainder.

Nancie Stern, the vice president of Quincy Jones’ music publishing business, testified that, had “Got To Give It Up” been licensed for “Blurred Lines” in the first place, Gaye’s family would likely have been offered 50 percent ownership. That may or may not include a chunk of the publishing revenue and tour earnings.

The court papers also reveal what Universal Music Group claims to have spent on promoting “Blurred Lines”. The company’s Senior VP of Finance Jason Scott Gallien testified the song cost over $6.5 million in overhead (9.6 percent of the company’s expenses). That’s a lot of Beetlejuice suits.

Pharrell Williams and T.I. are set to take the witness stand later today. We’ll keep you posted if anybody wears a funny hat.

Via The Wrap