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Sasha Grey Is Now The Victim Of An Online Hoax Claiming She Has Been Murdered In Ukraine

By Andrew Roberts

Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey Attends 'El Hormiguero' Tv Show

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The current conflict in Ukraine is reportedly being fought on many fronts that transcend the battlefield. One interesting front is the trolling fields of the Internet, namely the Eastern European version of 4 Chan known as Dvach. That’s where a new meme sprouted that sparked a rumor about Sasha Grey and her death at the hands of the Ukrainian military. From The Moscow Times:

The story says that a nurse named “Sasha Serova” was captured by Ukrainian military forces, who then filmed themselves “humiliating” her before chopping her body up with an ax. Notably, the last name “Serova” is similar to the Russian word for “gray.”

The post, which received more than 3,500 likes in its first day online, may actually have been a sick joke, but propaganda and misreporting have played a serious role in public perception of the Ukraine conflict.

I <3 my Russian fans, but this propaganda takes it too far. News that I was a NURSE killed in the Russian/Ukraine conflict. #fuckpropoganda

— Sasha Grey (@SashaGrey) February 18, 2015

People are dying. People are losing family members & BS outlets mock the deceased with Fappery like this

— Sasha Grey (@SashaGrey) February 18, 2015

Misreporting and online trickery are certainly nothing new. I think we’ve all been caught off guard by a fake Twitter account or viral information that isn’t actually the truth. It’s easy to go back and fix, but it is almost pointless once the eyes have moved past the initial news.

When it comes to this situation and Sasha Grey, the details of the hoax are grisly with initial implications that are far more profound than just a normal online death hoax. That’s part of the reason why Grey took to Twitter to address the …Find Out More

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