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High Speed Train to the Desert

High speed train

Are my eyes deceiving me?

Waking up this morning, I found out that the long talked about, high speed train to the glitz and glamour of the high deserts of Las Vegas, was becoming a reality. Mind blown. I grew up in that little desert town , and I remember talks of this build happening, but it just never seemed to click with the decision makers until now. Granted, its not all the way from LA to Vegas, but I think we all would be fine with Victorville as the hub.

XpressWest and China Railway International have put out $100 million to start the project. Not only would it provide a comfortable and fast-way to get to Vegas, but you could avoid the 15 Freeway as well.

“The 15 Freeway is murder. Trying to get to Vegas for New Year’s or any other holiday, it’s like a three, four or five-hour delay,” said Brigette Conyers of Victorville.

San Bernardino Associated Governments President Ryan McEachron said, “We welcome investments in multimodal options that provide residents with choices on how they travel to various destinations.”

He also said the environmental hurdles for the Victorville to Vegas stretch have all been cleared.

“I would like to be able to get on the train, go to Vegas and get there as fast as I can,” said Ann Skinner of Apple Valley.

Of course, some people are skeptical, saying they’ll believe it when they see it. Exactly how this will be funded is still unclear. But the company said if things go as planned they plan construction to begin Fall 2016.



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