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Here’s The Story About How A Terrifying Head Injury Turned A Washington Man Into A Genius



Jason Padgett has had a pretty crazy decade. The Tacoma, Washington resident was struck in the head during a mugging back in 2002, and the resulting odyssey changed his life in ways he never would’ve imagined. His story was covered in the book Struck By Genius, released in April of 2014, and he recently sat down to update his story with Komo News.

Padgett was a self described “lady killer” before the attack, never showing much interest in topics like math or science. He hadn’t even learned higher level math ideas while in school. So when he started to focus on geometric shapes, drawing intricate designs and discussing high level math theories with customers at his family’s futon shop, people started to notice. The changes all started on a night in 2002 following a visit to a karaoke bar. From Komo News:

Padgett was mugged as he left a Tacoma Karaoke bar in 2002. Just before midnight, two guys jumped him from behind 10 feet outside the front door.

“I remember getting hit and seeing a bright flash and asking for help,” said Padgett. The female friend he was with stood still in shock.

“It’s the only time I thought I was dead for sure,” Padgett as he reenacted the moment at the same spot on the sidewalk 14 years later.

Padgett was taken to the local hospital for treatment, kicking the story into strange territory almost immediately:

At the emergency room, doctors would tell Padgett that he had suffered a “severe concussion” and had a bleeding kidney. He was given painkillers and sent on his way.

Almost immediately, Padgett started seeing the world differently, literally. He says his vision became “pixelated.” He saw everyday objects as geometric patterns.

“It’s like small pictures are laid on top of each other one layer …Find Out More

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