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Found Dead ‘Ghost Adventures’ Couple in Murder/Suicide


by Billy Caldwell  | 9.24.2015

Ghost Adventures couple discovered in a very strange murder/suicide scene.

This morning in Sparks, Nevada,  just outside of Reno, Mark and Debby Constantino were found dead in their apartment.  The Constantinos were estranged at this time, but previously were featured on the Travel Chanel’s ‘Ghost Adventures’ TV series. The couple were specialists in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

Police believe there is a 3rd party that is associated to a nearby murder scene of an unidentified male, who was found dead by his female roommate. The woman then discovered that her other roommate, Debbie, was also missing. The Sparks police department traced Debbie’s phone , which led police to her daughters apartment where they discovered the apparent murder/suicide.

Upon arriving at the apartment, officers knocked on the door and heard several shots fired, said Reno police deputy chief Tom Robinson. The suspect told police “give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her,” Robinson said.

Officers said they heard a man yelling at police to leave. Officers began negotiating with the man, but eventually used explosives to blow the door open and found the couple dead inside. Police did not say how they were killed or what kind of gun was used.

The strange part is that the Police haven’t been able to locate the gun at the scene of the crime, or they are not releasing that information. Mark was arrested previously for domestic violence in August on a suspicion of battery by strangulation. Everything shows that shots were fired, but police haven’t given any insight on the official ruling, but Mark is the main suspect.

Such a horrific ending to two lives. Makes you wonder if the dark sides of their work might have triggered something, guess we will never know. Life truly is stranger than fiction, may they rest in peace.


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