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Bruce Campbell Will Face Off Against A Vengeful Jill Marie Jones In ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’



Hail to the queen, baby.

Bruce Campbell and his boomstick are returning to TV in the 10-episode miniseries Ash vs. Evil Dead, but the days of Bruce being able to carry an entire movie with his energy and enthusiastic mugging alone are behind us. Recently we learned Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo would be playing Ash’s youthful sidekicks and now we know who the series’ female co-lead will be.

Jill Marie Jones will play Amanda Fisher, a Michigan State Trooper looking for redemption and revenge after the brutal murder of her partner. For whatever reason, Amanda thinks Ash is responsible, and the two will have an adversarial relationship in early episodes, but she’ll later realize that Ash and his plucky friends are the only hope against the Deadite plague. From the sounds of things, most episodes will have a split format, with half of the time spent on Ash’s adventures, and the other half on Amanda’s investigations.

I’m sure some Evil Dead fans won’t be happy that some of the spotlight is being taken off Ash, or the somewhat forced cops ‘n’ crime solving aspect, but hey, since when did Evil Dead care about rules or expectations? Also, Jill Marie Jones is super attractive and should provide much needed balance to the non-stop manly eye-candy provided by Campbell.


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