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American Horror Story will Return with Lady Gaga featured in Season 5: Hotel

by Billy Caldwell

FX has confirmed that Lady Gaga will be featured in next seasons American Horror Story: Hotel. Come this October, we will be treated to yet another fabulous season of one of the most cult classic series to emerge in the last decade. Season 4: Freaks, brought the clowns out to scare the living daylights out of us all. It showed the pleasant nature of the carnival dwellers of Elsa Mars’s 1952 Circus of Freaks. The first images of Twisty The Clown will haunt many for years to come. He was the cause of a string of kidnappings and murders in the small town.┬áThen the story of a murderous rich brat from Jupiter, Florida hellbent on control and stops anyone who gets in his way,┬ádiscovers this wonderful Freak Show and Twisty The Clown and slowly through the season works his evil ways into the camp. There is too many plot lines to explain in a short blurb, but if you haven’t watched it yet , do yourself a favor.

Now this October we will get to see one of the most famous pop stars join the cast , and I couldnt think of a better choice. Looking forward to seeing the dark vibe miss Gaga will bring to the small screen. We will post more information as we get it.

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