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by Barbara Johnson

Paul McCartney finally reacted this morning to the controversial declarations made last Wednesday by his former bandmate, Ringo Starr, during an interview with the Hollywood Inquirer. Ringo alleged that the “real” Paul had died in 1966 and had been replaced by a look-alike named Williams Shears Campbbell, a claim which Paul dismisses as “the rambling of a senile old man”.

Sir Paul decided to invite the media to his primary residence located on the outskirts of the small town of Peasmarsh, in Sussex, to refute the allegations and to put an end to the rumors which have been spreading and multiplying over the last few days.

“I know that Ringo is growing senile and losing his mind,” says Sir Paul,“but he doesn’t need to invent such idiotic stories to attract attention. He probably heard that Wings was about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and he felt jealous. I’ve seen Ringo do and say many stupid things in my life, but this is one of the worst! If he’s so badly in need of media coverage, he could just invent crap about himself without implicating me in his delirium” he added with spite.

Sir Paul looked visibly tired and irritated during the press conference, appearing even agressive at times.

This denial by Paul McCartney will certainly not bring an end to this story, however, as many investigations have already been initiated to determine is true identity, After the British MI5′s announce on Tuesday, the speaker for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, Michael Grunwald, confirmed on Friday to reporters that the office is also investigating claims that  Sir Paul McCartney could be an impostor.

This investigation in Berlin comes after Ringo’s allegations have brought an unexpected twist to a 31-year old paternity case in Germany, concerning Mr. McCartney. Back in 1983, Sir Paul was ordered to give blood samples for a DNA paternity test after Bettina Hübers claimed to be his illegitimate daughter.

53-year old Bettina Hübers , who works as a caretaker at an old people’s home in Berlin, claims her mother, Erika Hübers, had an affair with the British musician between 1959 and 1962. At the time the Beatles were playing on Hamburg’s infamous Reeperbahn and hadn’t yet risen to fame.  Ms. Hübers had a failed pop career under the name Tina McCartney, but Sir Paul has always denied he was her father, and the original paternity test backed up his claims. In 2007, however, she claimed that McCartney had faked the paternity test , as she alleged that a look-alike had taken Sir Paul’s place in the court case.

After Ringos’ revelations, she now demands a DNA test to compare her own DNA with that of Paul’s brother, Peter Micheal McCartney, better known under his professional name of Mike McGear, to prove she is actually the daughter of the “real” Paul McCartney.

“I have many proofs that Sir Paul isn’t really Sir Paul,” she told the mass-circulation Bild Zeitung. “The signature on the old court documents is false! We have found the signature is from a right-handed person, but Paul is left-handed. The sample isn’t even from the right blood type! I am sure that the man pretending to be Paul McCartney is in fact Billy Shears, and I want DNA testing on Paul’s brother, to clarify this matter once and for all”

Ms. Hübers still demands to be recognized as the daughter of the "real" Paul McCartney, which could make her elligible to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of inheritance.

This strange controversy has been creating a lot of hype in the tabloids and the social media over the last week, after Ringo’s famous interview the Hollywood Inquirer. The former drummer of the Beatles had alleged that the “real” Paul McCartney had died in a car accident in November 1966 and had been replaced by the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest named William Shears Campbell.

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This Rare “Alien-Like” Goblin Shark Has Been Found Off The Coast Of Australia

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The Australian Museum showed off the specimen in a video uploaded at the weekend.

Someone has claimed the rarely seen shark is “beautiful”. What do you think?

Have you ever seen a goblin shark before? Do you want to? Great – watch this.

The Australian Museum showed off the specimen in a video uploaded at the weekend.

The 1.26-metre-long shark was caught in a net by a trawler off Gabo Island in January, Sky News reported.

It was held at the Wharf Aquarium in Merimbula before being taken to the museum.

Australian Museum / Via

The Australian Museum said what made the rarely seen goblin shark so unusual was its “alien-like” jaw.

The Australian Museum said what made the rarely seen goblin shark so unusual was its "alien-like" jaw.

Mark McGrouther, the fish collection manager at the museum, told Agence France-Presse: “I suspect because it has got soft, flabby musculature, it doesn’t need much energy … so it will swim slowly over the bottom just using its snout like a metal detector.

“It will be sweeping over the bottom and when it detects a small fish, or a crab or a squid it will shoot those jaws out ‘wham’ and capture whatever it is.

“It will spear it with those sharp pointed teeth and then just wolf it down whole.”

Australian Museum / Via

McGrouther also said he thought the shark wasn’t hideous, but beautiful.

McGrouther also said he thought the shark wasn't hideous, but beautiful.

Australian Museum / Via

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1765030-ca-0223-beck-01-rrd-jpg-20140219 (1)

Beck fan redirects visitors to website to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page

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By David Renshaw

A self-confessed Beck fan who owns the URL has redirected all visitors to the site to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page.

Despite an apology from the rapper following his comments about Beck’s need to “respect artistry” following The Grammy Awards last month (February), it appears that fans of the artist have not forgiven West. Anyone currently visiting will find themselves on the Wikipedia page for West. ‘Loser’ was the name of Beck’s worldwide 1994 hit single.

CBC reports that the original URL was first registered by the telecommunications company Tucows in Toronto in 1995. Twitter user Amy Bustle Connelly (@AmyBustle) is claiming credit for being behind the prank. Connelly was approached for comment by NME but has yet to respond.

Yall…I’ve owned since Prince was on Appolonia…since OJ had Isotoners. Isn’t something I purchased to troll kanye— Amy Bustle Connelly (@AmyBustle) March 2, 2015

Bustle states that she owns the URL and has bragged online that she is responsible for the prank, linking to news coverage of the story.

However, one domain registar claims that the move could have been done not to spite Kanye West but to drive up the value of the URL. “I would imagine would make the top 10 sales if sold today, probably for around $500,000,” a spokeperson for Netristrat Ltd. told Metro. “It might even make 7 figures if bought by a big brand.”

Yes. And I’m saying that I am a golddigger…and would love to sell this domain— Amy Bustle Connelly (@AmyBustle) March 2, 2015

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4th Annual Revolver Golden God Awards

Johnny Depp joins Marilyn Manson on stage for ‘The Beautiful People’ performance

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By Dean Van Nguyen

Johnny Depp continued his run of notable gig appearances by performing alongside Marilyn Manson in Brisbane on Friday night (February 27).

As reported by Noise 11, the actor played guitar on a rendition of Manson’s 1996 single ‘The Beautiful People’.

The pair are long-time friends and Depp has performed with Manson and his band numerous times in the past. They also worked together in 2012 on a cover Carly Simon’s 1972 hit ‘You’re So Vain’, with the Rum Diary star playing drums and lead guitar and Manson providing the vocals.

Depp is currently in Australia to film the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie and was spotted early this week at a Foo Fighters gig, also in Brisbane. He is due to perform at this September’s Rock In Rio festival in Rio De Janeiro alongside Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry as The Hollywood Vampires. But despite moonlighting as a musician, the 51-year-old has insisted he has no intention of ever making music into a second career.

“That whole idea for me is a sickening thing, it’s always just made me sick,” he told reporters at the Berlin premiere of his latest film Mortdecai in January. “I’ve been very lucky to play on friends’ records and it’s still going. Music is still part of my life. But you won’t be hearing The Johnny Depp Band. That won’t ever exist.”

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Kung Fu dancing

Johnny Marr: ‘The Smiths were planning a disco album’

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By Nadia Khomami

Johnny Marr has revealed that The Smiths were planning a disco album before they split in 1987.

The singer-songwriter made the announcement in a Q+A with the Guardian, in which he also revealed that he was at his happiest when he woke up “in a dark hotel room in Bayswater one winter’s evening in 1984, to find I’d recorded ‘How Soon Is Now?’ through the previous night.”

Marr also said that the living person he most admires is David Hockney, “for work, and for seeming to be inspired”, and that his most treasured possession is The Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar he used on Inception – which he wrote the score for – as well as his memory of the first time he played with Chic.

Johnny Marr released his second solo album, ‘Playland’, last year. Speaking to NME at the time, Marr described how the album addressed the “tension, boredom and anxiety” in society and how it affects people.

In October the Smiths man was joined onstage by Noel Gallagher during his show at the O2 Brixton Academy. The pair then played a cover of Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’ before launching into The Smiths ‘How Soon Is Now?’ Marr appears on track ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ on Gallagher’s new album ‘Chasing Yesterday’.

Meanwhile, last month, David Cameron was presented with a limited edition Salford Lads Club T-shirt which featured a photo of The Smiths. The Prime Minister quoted his favourite band as he said thank you, commenting: “You have made my day. Thank you very much, there is a light that never goes out.” Marr previously said Cameron was forbidden from liking the group.

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My Co-Parent Won’t See Our 4-Year-Old Because He Hates My New Boyfriend

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By Samantha Rodman PhD


Reader Sad Co-Parent writes:

I have been separated for months and now am getting divorced, we have a 4-year-old daughter. The problem is that now I have a new boyfriend. Because my ex-husband doesn’t like him, he refuses to see our daughter. I have tried to explain to him that my new relationship has nothing to do with him and he can’t use our daughter like this, but he refuses to listen.

What should I tell my princess when she asks for her Daddy and asks when she is going to see him? It breaks my heart because she misses him, but there’s nothing I can do. I just feel sorry for her. What should I tell her?

Dear SCP,

This is a tough situation, and my heart aches for your child. I am assuming that your husband has some sort of emotional issue that is predisposing him to act selfishly toward your child. It is probable that his own childhood was not the best. He is unable to see that he is hurting your child in his attempts to control the behavior of his ex-spouse. He probably tends toward narcissism, which you can read about here. If you want to read books about how to deal with him in the future, once he has rejoined your life (and I predict that he will), I have compiled a list of books that discuss narcissists here.

Now let’s turn to how you can best ameliorate the impact of your ex’s behavior on your daughter. It is important to ensure that your child does not in any way feel as though it is his or her fault that Daddy is not around. Tailor your explanation of why he can’t see her to your daughter’s developmental level. For example, you can say something like, “I know that Daddy loves you very much, but he is not able to see you right now. He is not feeling well and it is best for him not to be around kids right now. Maybe you can draw pictures or write letters to Daddy whenever you miss him and keep them in a special book. Then maybe one day you will be able to show them to him.” You can also make a little photo book of the child with your co-parent that your child can look at when ever he or she wants.

You may think that this is not truthful, but I disagree. There is no emotionally healthy parent or even grandparent who refuses to see a child for any reason. If a parent loses the capacity to empathize with his or her child, and conceives of the child as a pawn in a larger manipulation of an ex-spouse (or, in some cases, a narcissistic grandparent who won’t engage with a grandchild out of anger at an adult child), this speaks to a lack of psychological health, and an impaired capacity to self-regulate when faced with anger and frustration. As your child is not old enough to understand this, saying Daddy doesn’t feel well is a good translation.

Do not tell her that her father won’t see her. This is hurtful and does no good at all. You need to honor your child’s love of an absent co-parent, even if he is choosing to be absent. In fact, it is likely that your daughter will begin to idealize Daddy more in his absence, and this is okay and normal. Do not try to disabuse her of the notion that Daddy is perfect. This is a healthy coping mechanism that allows her to more effectively deal with the hole that his absence leaves in her life.

Children of any age may be very angry at a parent that they can’t see, even if it is because the parent is sick or imprisoned. Make sure to use your empathy skills to tell your child that these feelings are completely normal and okay. Reaffirm that Daddy loves her very much and would be with her if he or she could. (Here, if he had the emotional capacity to parent your child, he would be doing so.)

Focus on keeping your daughter’s impression of your ex as positive and loving, if there is any history at all of him acting this way. I would imagine there is, since she misses him. Also, narcissists can be very charming when they want to be. Mention positive traits of your ex and positive memories that your daughter shared with her father, even if it annoys or nearabout kills you to do this. Remember, if your child thinks poorly of a parent, she is thinking poorly of half of herself. You can read here about how bad it is when parents undermine one another, and here is a guest post on how toxic it can be for kids when parents badmouth one another after divorce.

Good luck and I hope that your situation changes for the better soon. Thanks for writing in. Till we meet again, I remain, The Blogapist Who Says If Your Child Hates One Parent He Hates 50% Of Himself.

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Overwhelmed By Your Life? Perhaps It Is Time to Simplify

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By Melissa Heisler


If you had millions of dollars, what would you do? Buy an expensive house and car? How about a used van and park it by the ocean? That is exactly what Major League pitcher Daniel Norris did. Instead of spending his multimillion dollar contract to live up to the appearance of a celebrity ball player, this 21-year-old pitcher chose a simpler life. In a segment on the Today Show Daniel Norris said, “When I can simplify outside of the fair and foul lines, that’s so much less to think about off the field and all my focus is put onto the baseball field.”

As you go through your day, what is causing your stress, worry, and distraction? Is it a desire for a new car? Is it ensuring your dinner party is as good as your neighbor’s was? Are you concerned about people stealing what you own? Are you having difficulty paying your mortgage but worry you have failed if you downsize? Are you stressed because you can’t seem to achieve the American dream? Perhaps your unique dream life is different from the one society has dictated for us all.

Are the issues causing stress in your life providing you with any value? Start cataloging everything in your life. What brings you joy? What makes you feel whole? What helps to make you your best? Now, what is causing you to feel overwhelmed? What is a distraction? What is more hassle than it is worth? Next explore what is keeping you from removing things from your life that are affecting you negatively. Do you keep them around for your values or someone else’s? Are you living your unique Type Me life or are you unhappily living someone else’s life? Your ideal life might not to be living in a van, but is it the way you are living now?

Look around you. Did you create your life or are you living the life your parents, society, or your peers instilled in you? Are you trying to win at a game you don’t want to play? If you had the courage and the means, what life would you create? What would be included? What would you remove?

Henry David Thoreau wrote in the book Walden, “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” Simplifying your life is not just about downsizing your house or selling your possessions. At its heart, simplifying means living by your values. What do you personally value? When you choose to add something in your life, do you first gauge it against what you values? If you lived by your values, what would you experience? Make a list of all of the adjectives that would describe your life if you lived by your values. Perhaps it would be calm, peaceful, and content. Perhaps it would be exciting, adventurous, and joyful. What makes your heart sing? What truly makes you happy? Are you actively bringing into your life those things that make you happy?

Can you be as brave as Daniel Norris and remove yourself from the expectations of your role and status to remain true to your Type Me? Are you willing to stand up to ridicule and live the life that brings you joy? Are you ready to choose your version of living no matter what society expects? It is time to simplify your life by removing everything that is not you?

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99 Things That Weren’t A Thing Until They Were A Thing

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It’s incredible just how many things weren’t things until they were things.

1. Dresses that are simultaneously blue and black, and white and gold.
2. Caesar salads.
3. Scientology.
4. Gluten.
5. French manicures.
6. White wine spritzers.
7. Courgetti.
8. Spinning.
9. Bodycon skirts.
10. Kale.
11. Tie-dye t-shirts.
12. Chia seeds.
13. Man buns.
14. The Crazy Frog.
15. Portable DVD players.
16. Pickling stuff.
17. The Ice Bucket Challenge.
18. Neopets.
19. Waterbeds.
20. Waterbras.
21. Backstalking.
22. Putting an ~inspirational~ quote in your email signature.
23. Hashtags.
24. Birthday candles that sing.
25. Flappy Bird.
26. Having a statement nail in your manicure.
27. Juicing.
28. Having a “twin thing”.
29. Gel nails.
30. The time the original Sugababes reunited and called themselves “Mutya Keisha Siobhan”.
31. Acai berries.
32. Paleo burgers.
33. Knitting.
34. Holographic leggings.
35. Ed Sheeran.
36. E-cigarettes.
37. Red Bull.
38. Green tea.
39. White tea.
40. White suits.
41. Contouring.
42. BB Cream.
43. Doge.
44. Hula hooping.
45. Bennifer.
46. Goji berries.
47. Taking the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously.
48. Uggs.
49. The word “normcore”.
50. Hair straighteners.
51. Shag bands.
52. Those people who give you free hugs on the street.
53. The pob.
54. Asking for a short back and sides.
55. Crocs.
56. Wearing jumpers your nan made you.
57. Saying “Talk to the hand, coz the face ain’t listening”.
58. Opposites day.
59. Photo filters.
60. Body paint.
61. Beanie babies.
62. Blankets with sleeves in them.
63. “Keep Calm” signs.
64. Cath Kidston.
65. Rebecca Black.
66. The Snogging Scale.
67. Silent discos.
68. Zumba.
69. Speed dating.
70. Gangnam style.
71. Nordic walking poles.
72. Dollzmania.
73. Scoubidous.
74. Neknominate.
75. Hot yoga.
76. People who actually believe starsigns are just made up, lol.
77. Motorola Razors.
78. “Baby On Board” signs.
79. Lava lamps.
80. Flannel shirts.
81. The Rachel.
82. Mini Polos.
83. Ballet pumps.
84. Crop jumpers.
85. The “sanasa sanasa” tune.
86. Girl boxers.
87. Coke Zero.
88. The Atkins diet.
89. Annuals.
90. High School Musical.
91. Charity wristbands.
92. Boob jobs.
93. Kabbalah.
94. Thongs.
95. Lindsay Lohan’s theatre career.
96. The word “random”.
97. Martine McCutcheon.
98. Hollyoaks Later.
99. Things being things.


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HBO Has Released new trailer From Season 5 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

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by merrill barr

The premiere of HBO’s Game of Th rones is almost here, and to keep fandom excitement at an all time high, the network has released two brand new clips from the show’s upcoming fifth season, the first of which can be seen above starring fan favorite, Brienne. As for the clip below, viewers will get a chance to watch Mance and Jon Snow have a very one-sided conversation about honor in the lack of pride.

As the premiere grows closer, it’s reasonable to expect more clips like this to come out of HBO HQ, but it really doesn’t matter if they do or don’t because everyone will be tuning in on April 12.


Source: HBO

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