Written by Billy Caldwell.

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Punk Rock Living in the Big City of Los Angeles, the early years.... yup, I RELATE!

Staff columnist Mike Essington has written a book that hit right at home for me, and I’m sure for many others as well. We were lost kids, from broken homes just trying to find our way. Punk rock was our “fight club” , it was our “Special sauce”. The rage and angst, were communicated in the fast blaring riffs and pissed off lyrics of our early old school heroes. Our journeys were all similar to a point, and its good to see books being written about those times and experiences i so truly miss. Things were easier because life was three TV channels and a hard line telephone. Yet more complex, because there was no accessibility to almost everything. Mix tapes and word of mouth is what kept those years going. Crazy times and funny friends made those nights and days memorable. Mike really brings that to light in LAST ONE TO DIE.

Mike really gets personal and off the cuff, taking you into the world that shaped him into the person he is now. From his childhood looking up to his hard working, hard living Father, to his roller coaster love life with his ex. Mike lets you inside to take a gander with a big heart on his sleeve. Strength and perseverance and the ability to tell a kick ass story, will keep your eyes locked and loaded reading this 100+ page novel.

The beginning of the book concentrates on his youthful years in the Valley, touching on his personal struggles growing up in a broken home and discovering the punk underground of Los Angeles. The relationships Mike experiences are the key focus of the book. From shifty friends to crazy ex-girlfriends, Mike let the worms out of the can, and really lets you see his perspective. Seeing his friends grow up and end up in their new life situations, and how Mike interprets those situations, kept me intrigued and wanting to turn to the next page and keep reading.

The last third of the book is a collection of great interviews Mike has written over the years including Rikk Agnew of The Adolescents/Christian Death, Symbol Six lead singer Eric Leach , legendary skateboarder Jay Adams, and Frontier Records owner Lisa Fancher. All the interviews are a great read, and really give you a good taste of Mike’s interview style.

I highly recommend this read, a true LA punk story of one man’s journey through this crazy place we all love... Los Angeles.

~ Billy Caldwell

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